Status and structures of Gurei North remain as 3rd class – Flora

Central Equatoria state (CES) Ministry of Housing, Lands and Public Utilities

By William Madouk Garang

Central Equatoria state (CES) Ministry of Housing, Lands and Public Utilities has accused a syndicate group of people who are illegally upgrading and re-demarcating Gurei North residential area from 3rd to 4th class as land grabbers.

The Minister of Housing, Lands and Public Utilities, Flora Gabriel Modi has come out in the open to point finger at those syndicates as people with ill-intention to extend and dislodge people as a move to grab people’s lands. 

Ms. Flora assured the residents of Gurei North that the status and structures remain as 3rd class residential area as per discussion and endorsement by the CES Council of Ministries’ resolution No: 07/2022. 

On February, some local chiefs and government officials allegedly started demarcating Gurei North 3rd class area to 4th, buildings were being broken down and plots owned by citizens with complete documentation were being cleared out.

Speaking to journalists in Juba yesterday, minister of Cabinet Affairs Central Equatoria State (CES), Wayi Godwill Edward affirmed that CES council of ministries maintained status of Gurei as 3rd class.

“Annually, the decision of the former Jubek state that reverted Gurei North to 4th class and maintained the status of Gurei as 3rd class residential area,” Edward said.

“Directed the ministries of Housing, Lands and Public Utilities, Local Government and Law enforcement and the authority of Juba County to corporate in the cause of implementation of the cited resolution,” he added.

However, the CES minister of Housing, Lands and Public Utilities said she received some complains from the residents of Gurei North, and she accused local chiefs of masterminding.

“… I have been getting information from people who are residents there who always come and complain to ministry of housing about it. Let me tell you, there is a group of people who are actually working against demarcation and wanted to [re] demarcate the area as 4th class and they have to do so many things with other people who are actually housing them,” Flora said

“It’s the community; it’s the chief, I am sorry to say it. It’s the chiefs we call out to just get out from there. They are not respecting the CES’s government!  Me as a minister going to tell my people and that area is demarcated to everybody, if I tell you the 64 tribes of South Sudan are all there,” she added. 

Ms. Flora also questioned those who accused her of land grab saying what could be her interest to upgrade the place which was already demarcated in 2011 and allotted to people who are now residing.

“What is my interest to take it back to 4th class so that this people go out all? Me as a ministeram I ready to give other people who have papers with me in the ministry? Who will give the place to other people place in the area? If they are now rejecting us to keep it as 3rd class, these are the communities and other people even some of the security are there doing it, there are people from sector five, “she noted

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