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Compiled by Moses Gum Degur

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In Jonglei State:

Health experts start medical tests for Hotel owners

Jonglei State Ministry of Health started medical tests for all hotel and restaurant workers in Bor town, an exercise it said would “prevent the spread of infectious diseases.”

The medical examination includes blood testing for all persons working in hotels, restaurants, local alcohol makers, bar attendants and butcheries.

Jonglei State Deputy Director for Public Health Makuei Alier said that the experts were already on board carrying out the analysis to know the workers’ health status.

He said that it was a time to look into health statuses of the hotels workers and their hygiene levels.

Alier said it was the responsibility of the hotel and bar owners or managers to inform their respective workers to be available for the medical test once the health team arrives at their premises.

“It is in the demand of the Ministry of Health and health practitioners in Jonglei State to have their status known,” Mr. Alier said.

According to the Ministry of Health, the diseases to be tested include Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis, Typhoid and other infectious diseases.

Mr Alier said anyone diagnosed positive with one of the diseases would be asked to seek medical treatment before he or she could be allowed to resume work.

The Deputy Director of Public Health warned all hotel owners to be careful at observing the exercise to safe guard lives of their clients and the general public.

”If someone is given the medical form and decides to hide it home, we shall suspect the person to be positive with either of the diseases. Then we will dismiss the person to allow someone who is healthy to serve the public,” he stressed.

Mr Alier said according to public health it was not right for an infectious disease to serve the public especially in the hotels.

He reiterated that diseases like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis were so dangerous and could easily be spread from one person to the other if not controlled.

Hepatitis is one of the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted through blood and body fluid if one comes into contact with an infected person.

The bacteria that cause TB are spread through the air from person to person when a person with TB disease coughs, speaks, or sings. People nearby may breathe in these bacteria and become infected.

 Still in Jonglei:

Citizens preparing to celebrate Independence Day

Today, the 21-year liberation war comes to an official end as people celebrate South Sudan’s Independence Day in Juba. AFP PHOTO/PETER MARTELL.

Citizens in Jonglei State are preparing to celebrate the seventh year anniversary of their independence despite the numerous challenges in the country, Governor Philip Aguer said on Tuesday.

Mr Aguer said although the country was in humanitarian crisis, it was necessary for the State to recognize the roles played by the martyrs who lost their lives during the course of the country’s struggle for freedom.

He was responding to Juba Monitor on the question whether Jonglei State was ready to celebrate the Seventh independence anniversary amidst challenges of humanitarian needs, economic crisis and insecurity in the country.

”We are preparing for the independence celebration and we have already formed a committee headed by Mayor of Bor town. The team is now making necessary preparations for independence celebration,” Aguer said.

He reiterated that they will ensure that all residents in Jonglei State celebrate the Independence Day peacefully.

Governor Aguer explained that independence celebration should be a pride for all citizens, and it should be celebrated whatsoever little resources are available on the ground.

”It is your own freedom and you need not to be hired. People can just come to celebrate and listen to the speeches. It does not need any money and it is our principle here in Jonglei State,” Aguer stressed.

”We have been organizing a lot of events in Jonglei State without involving money. The question of the economic hardship is not a problem to us. What we know is to celebrate the 9th of July promptly,” he emphasized.

Mr Aguer said whether the people were hungry or not they have to do it (celebrate), adding that man does not depend on food alone.

”We can survive on our moral obligations. We must celebrate and glorify those martyrs who died for the sake of this independence. For us though we are hungry but we are still alive,” Governor Aguer said.

For the last two year, the national government skipped the Independence Day celebration. In 2016, it was not celebrated due to the fighting between the forces of President Salva Kiir and his Former First Vice President Dr Riek Machar which erupted on the eve of the fifth year independence anniversary.

Last year the event was cancelled over economic crisis but Governor Aguer reiterated that it was important for the citizens to celebrate their independence to show to the world that they were a free nation.

Crossing to Tonj State:

Government agree to celebrate independent Day

The council of ministers of Tonj State on Tuesday discussed how to celebrate the independence day of country on Monday.

Don Bosco Radio quoted Minister of Information James Ayiik Bath saying the cabinet agreed to celebrate the event because it is an important day for the people of South Sudan.

The minister discloses that the council of ministers directed the Ministry of Finance to draft the budget for Tonj state to commemorate the day.

Ayiik enlighten the public on the importance of celebrating the freedom of South Sudan.

He appeals to the armed opposition to come home and develop the nation rather than destroying it.

The leader was speaking to Don Bosco Radio after the meeting at the council of ministers in Tonj.

In Uganda:

South Sudanese refugees in Imvepi camp express willingness to return home for normal happy life

A 19 year-old, Viola Tabu, says she is tired of running away from home despite the hardship they face with her family.

It is challenging to fetch water and people walk long distance and the food also is only 15 kilograms and does not last for a month.

We are suffering a lot in this camp life of refugees is very hard”, she points out

Alex Mawa, 22-year-old expresses that the life is too hard in the camp though they were welcomed by the community leaders and gave them shelter during the war.

He adds that the education is a barrier and classes are not enough for the secondary school.

Refugees also face the challenge of paying school fees as they cannot afford, Mawa stresses.

Lasu Simon, who reached the camp in 2016, says food is not enough for his family.

The visit of bishops comforted refugees, shows that the church cares for them and knows how they are living, he adds.

Lasu asks President Salva Kiir, Dr Riek Machar and other political leaders to sympathize with the situations refugees face in camps.

He notes that two years since the conflict started they are just feeding on beans and maize.

Regina Alfred, 52-year-old expresses happiness about the visit of Catholic bishops of South Sudan and Sudan to them refugee camps in Uganda.

Let two leaders look at the suffering and tough situation refugees’ face in various camps in the neighboring countries.

South Sudan and Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference representatives visited refugees in Uganda and were welcomed with joy.

The Bishops took one week seeing refugee in various camps in Uganda as solidarity with refugees so that they do not feel neglected by their own people.

Imvepi Refugee Settlement is hosting thousands of South Sudanese and the land was given by the community not the government of Uganda, and is reported to be one of the peaceful camps

In Gbudwe state:

A thief kills by civilians over alleged robbery

Reported by Radio Anisa

Civilians of Sugusiro in Yambio managed to catch one of the robbers who intended to raid at gunpoint and beat him to death on Saturday night.

The incident happened after a group of criminals with guns broke into one house in the area and the community around mobilize themselves to defend their neighbor.

Mayor of Yambio, Robert Singira, says people of Sugusiro managed to chase those criminals, but only got one person whom they beat and killed on the spot.

He blames armed people for criminal acts which caused people to panic in the town.

The mayor encourages people of Yambio town to form some small groups in their areas for self-defense.

He also calls upon the people to report any crime to the police or any security officer.

The Mayor assures people in Yambio town that they have deployed many organized forces in the town to patron at night to protect civilians and their property.

Singira also calls upon the conflicting parties to respect the ceasefire declaration the two leaders signed in Khartoum, Sudan so that people can cultivate and harvest in order to fight hunger.

Mathew Paulino, the victim robbers attacked at Sugusiro,  expresses shock to see young people adopting bad cultures rather than working with their own hands to survive.

Last Saturday a group of robbers broke into the House of Mathew Paulino at Sugusiro in Yambio and the community managed to capture one of them and others ran away.



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