STATES Parties await S. Africa to break deadlock

By:  Nema Juma

With few days remaining to the formation of the new government, the parties are still waiting for the South African Vice President David Mabuza to break the deadlock over the number of states.

The issue of the number of States and Boundaries has been one of the outstanding issues and the signatories are far from reaching an agreement as the last few meetings between President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar have failed to break the States’ deadlock.

Mabuza who is engaging the parties on the Number of States and boundaries was expected in Juba together with opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar in the first week of January but the visit was postponed. No clear reasons were stated.

Government spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth told Juba Monitor earlier this week that Mabuza was supposed to come on the 3rd of January 2020 and the government is yet to be informed about their coming.

Parties were supposed to evaluate the 100 days of the extended Pre- transitional period but failed according to civil society.

Makuei said it was the responsibility of the technical committee which was set up to file the report, not the government.

According to the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition, they have not been informed yet about the venue of the meeting.

He added that the venue and the date of the political retreat of the principals of the signatories have not been set and the date of IGAD ordinary summit in Khartoum has not been set as well.

Pouk Both Bulang said that all these function were supposed to take place in the first week of the January.  

Early this week, the civil society called on the IGAD and AU to strengthen their commitment and approach of engaging the signatories to the peace agreement to break the deadlock on the number of states.

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani said that Mabuza’s role through the AU C5 role was very crucial, especially in mediating the issue that brings the deadlock.

“The issue on the number of states is very important, so this is a time of commitment. We are so disappointed, they need to strengthen their effort because right now the ball is in the hands of IGAD,” he lamented.

Efforts by Juba Monitor to reach the office of the South African Vice President were futile by press time.

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