States Health sectors review performance

By John Agok

The ten States health ministries with the three Administrative areas converged in Juba for four days meeting with regards to seek health sector performance Review 2021 National Policy Dialogue.

The efforts from National policy Dialogue is to scale up improvement of Health sector performance across the Country despite its failing status due to numerous challenges.

South Sudan’s recently recorded stand at only 44% of its population access to health services and 56% do not access health services.

Dr. Michael Mading the Director General on Reproductive Health in National Ministry of Health presented his strategic policy and data for reproductive health in the country.

Dr. Mading highlighted on poor National performance especially on Antenatal Care services that led to 17%. Whereas, National Ministry of Health is supposed to run most of health activities in the Country than relying partners that sometimes are hand tightened by funding fatigue.

“Jonglei and Upper Nile plus Administrative areas are the worst performing states on Antenatal care. Low National Achievements on Birth Attendance (BA) 13% due to lack of skilled Birth Attendance. Poor access to Maternal Health Care Service due to long distance which prone many women to deliver at home and with little confidence in Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA)”, he said.

He revealed some recommendations to participants on how they could incorporate these positive policies into strategic plans for better health services in the Country.

“To create conducive health facility with well infrastructure that make mother in lab our pain comfortable. To maintain trained health workers in the Country and promote health education. Establish obstetric fistula center in the Country and ensure availability of Reproductive Health Officers to improve health conditions. To promote health education in the Public Health Care Unit (PHC) and to ensure clients satisfactory” he added.

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