A foot for thought

States’ governments must resettle IDPs

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Each governor of the state is responsible for the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs). For example the IDPs of Unity state have already shown a good example although their state is one of those affected with communal fighting. These IDPs love their country otherwise, they wouldn’t return at this critical times of economic crisis and insecurity in the state.

Nobody can first support them to settle except governor of the state, International Organizations dealing with IDPs like UNHCR and others. However, the IDPs are not new people in their locality, they have been in the state, and it was only that they left for some times which could not makea big deal for them to settle. They have be enlightened on the policies of resettlement and how they should protect themselves from Coronavirus Pandemic.

Those who stayed in the villages are aware about Coronavirus Pandemic, for them to interact with each other; it needs awareness from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) to demonstrate using their local languages so that they understand better. Like what is being done in radio stations, people talk about the disadvantages of Coronavirus Pandemic in different languages. Use of social distance, wear facemasks, wash hands with clean water and soap and others.

After understanding the rules of Coronavirus, they would know how to conduct themselves.  Resettlement means also provision of services to the people. IDPs may need to have services that help them to integrate. Like health centers, schools for children education although currently there is not functioning school, but there should be planuntil reopening.

They should unite and have one motive towards development of the state. I am sure among them are educated people who have good idea on development of the state. Let government not ignore them in terms of employment. The skills they have are to be utilizes for progress. Above all they should maintain peace in the state as well as in the country at large. Absence of peace would cause a lot of difficulties which is not expected to happen.

They should distance themselves from wrong politicians who may confuse them to do wrong things that wouldnot help the nation, especially youth.  Let them be positive alwaysby doing good things to the state, andthat would help them in progress.

May God bless us all.

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