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Statement of facts on the warning letter issued to Juba Monitor

The Media Authority on Friday 18th of May, 2018 issued a warning letter to Juba Monitor and gave 48 hours to the management of the newspaper to apologize.  However, the Management of Juba Monitor published an apology on Saturday, 19th, May, 2018.  The following are the accusations by the Media Authority against Juba Monitor.

– Disreputable intention to incite the public against the National Security Service and tarnish the image of the country.

– On 2nd May 2018, the National Security Service indeed removed an article from the Juba Monitor Newspaper on suspicion of the article that they deemed to incite the public.

– On May, 4th 2018, the Editorial Management of Juba Monitor intentionally published a blank page that appeared on page 8 of the newspaper.

– On 5th May 2018, the paper was sent for printing without front page that was brought to the attention of Juba Monitor, it was not acceptable to publish a newspaper without article / news on the front page.

In respond to the above mentioned accusations by the Media Authority, Juba Monitor management would like to clarify to all its readers and customers as follows:-

That page eight came blank on 4th, May 2018, as a result of soft copy refusing to open in the system at the printing press as confirmed by the printing press management as well as Juba Monitor management.  “What happened was that the Designer of Juba Monitor sent the pages at the printing Press, the designer at the Printing Press received the pages but page eight refused to open. They consulted the Management of Juba Monitor, efforts were made to recover the page but it failed. At last, the Management of Juba Monitor allowed the page to be published blank for fear of any story put without approval from the management of the newspaper would and or may have caused more damage to the paper and or the country at large.  It was not intentional and or meant to tarnish the name of the National Security and the image of the country. It was purely technical.

On the 5th , May  the designer sent pages to the printing press, the designer at the printing Press called back to say page one was missing, the designer at Juba Monitor resent page one at the printing press and the designer confirmed its receipt, the following day the paper came out well. On the 9th May, investigation Committee came from Media Authority to investigate Juba Monitor Editorial Team on the matter.  The investigation was conducted and they asked Juba Monitor Management to print for them the original copies of page 8 which came out blank on the 4th and page one which was claimed to have been sent blank. That was done by the Management of Juba Monitor.  Of Course page 8 was designed with advertisement and page one with stories and advertisement.

However, on Thursday 17th, May the Media Authority called Juba Monitor Editor in Chief to go for a meeting on Friday 18th at 9: 30 AM and bring with her the three members of staff. The authority said the agenda of the meeting was to inform them about the result of the investigation.

However, what happened during the meeting was that the Managing Director of Media Authority briefly read the contents of the intended warning before handing the warning letter to Juba Monitors’ Editor in Chief. Thereafter, the authority conducted Press conference on the matter among others to all the media houses.

On Monday 21st the Management of Juba Monitor met the Management of the Universal Printing Press Company in their office and asked them whether Juba Monitor had sent page one blank on 5th May 2018. The management of the Printing Press said page one was sent with stories. Still Juba Monitor Editorial Team requested them to print out the pages sent on 5th of May, 2018. They printed all the pages and handed them to Juba Monitor management. Juba Monitor Management confirmed that there was no blank page except that which did not open on technicality on the 4th and the one removed by the security on page six on 2nd May 2018 which Juba Monitor Editor in Chief Anna Nimiriano talked about on World Press Freedom Day without any ill intention to anybody or security organ and the country.

Juba Monitor Management wish to apologize to its readers for not informing them accordingly and on time why page 8 was published blank. The management of Juba Monitor also encourages dialogue with all relevant authorities including Media Authority in any circumstances and will always continue to cooperate with them.






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