State warns public against buying land token

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Juba County Commissioner Charles Joseph Wani warned the public against buying land tokens from anyone adding that their use to getplots was no longer going to work in Central Equatoria State.

“I need to announce this to everyone, that from today onward, the issue of token is not going to work. You outside there, you do not buy a token, if you do you buy at your own risk,” Wani disclosed.

He issued the statement in his press conference on what he called illegal land demarcation in Amadi area (Juba-Yei Road) Juba County yesterday.

“If you are owning the land, you will have the document direct from the government but without token. I am telling you outside there no more use of token, I am announcing it again the use of token in CES is no more and do not buy the token from anyone,” he emphasis.

He said they had noted that there were many illegal land distributors in the state which he accused of forging the tokens and other documents to cheat public in the name of the CES.

According to the commissioner, there was always a process in land demarcation if one wanted land.

“The process isto go through Payam, to County then to the State being first, second, third or fourth classes without the permission of county commissioner none of these processes will take place,” he

The commissioner further revealed that any process of land allocation processwouldbe without issuing out tokens.

However, he did not reveal which new card will be issued in place of token but only said it would be upon his government to know how to do it out there.

“All the process is within thejurisdiction of the county commissioner as land was a resource of local government, headed by the county commissioner which meant , there wasneed for approval of commissioner in any process,” he added.

He called on the public to cooperate with the state authorities and the security personnel in the state.

He mentioned that there were nearly 100 illegal land distributors under detention and waiting for trial over their criminal activities in the area.

“Three weeks back we arrested 21 people for their involvement in illegal land allocation to people, after two days we went and arrested over 70 people on the same issue though some of them were later released, and on Sunday we want and arrested nine of them,” he revealed.

“So, all those people will face the law and they will be punished according to the crimes they committed.”

He vowed to continue to arrest whoever, goes in the area with the aim of getting or allocating plots to the public.

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