State official calls for resolution of land disputes

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Chairperson of the State Chamber of Commerce has called upon the Islamic Council and the City Council to resolve land disputes in order to allow traders to operate without humiliation in Juba City.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Robert Pitia condemned beating of traders, calling it an illegal activity.

“I got information yesterday that Islamic council is harassing and intimidating the traders and closing their shops, so I sent the chairperson of Juba city council to come and verify, that is why I am here in Konyokonyo market to see and talk to affected traders,” he Pitia.

“Islamic council is a religious organization and is respected in South Sudan, so I condemn this activity because its illegal and it does not have any ground in our society, therefore I also tell our government specially the juba city council to look into these issues.”

Idris Mohammed,a trader in Konyokonyo market said he was in despair after being harassed by the Islamic council for failing to pay monthly charges of ten thousand South Sudanese pound (10,000).

“Since Saturday last week, my shop was locked but with powers of the city council, they have opened,but I was surprised to see Islamic council coming up with orders”, said Mohammed.

The land dispute between city council and Islamic council is in the court of law.However, the court had advised that the traders had to continue with their operations without any contravention by the two conflicting parties till the matter would be resolved.

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