State ministers urges displaced persons to embrace peace

By Atimaku Joan.

The state minister of Jonglei and for Central Equatoria state Gerald Francis Nyukuye urged the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in Mangalla to embrace peace with their hosting communities.

Minister Nyukuye encouraged the internally displaced people to report whoever is causing trouble to them.

“Do not keep those who are causing trouble among you, ensure that you report them to the authority, said Nyukuye.

While addressing the community in Mangalla yesterday, the Minister of Jonglei state Malual Gabriel Tong said that since the people have been displaced to live in a new environment, the only information he has for them is to embrace peace.

“And the only message that I would like to tell them is that they should peacefully coexist with the host community and this is a very strong message,” said Gabriel Tong.

He stated that Jonglei and Central Equatoria are two different states that shares a lot in common sighting examples like boarders and some cultural heritage.

Both added that what lead to the displacement was a natural calamity that can’t be control and therefore, their role as the government is to deliver services stressing that communities should be helping in the process of finding permanent solutions to problems happening in their areas of jurisdiction.

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