State minister fired before taking oath

By Baraka John

The Governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo Karaba has fired the just appointed State Minister of Cooperative and Rural Development ahead of expected swearing in this week.  

In a state decree No. 04/2021 read out over the State own Radio last week, Governor Karaba fired Mr. Samuel John Basiame from the position of state minister of cooperative and rural development and appointed him as a member of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

Mr. Basiame was appointed in by a Presidential Decree on 25th February 2021 together with sixteen other State ministers, advisors, chairpersons and members of independent commissions.

“In the exercise of powers conferred upon me by the republican decree No.51/2020 dated 29 June, further to the republican order No.03/2021 dated March, 2021 and in accordance with Article 99 (2)a of the transitional constitution of Western Equatoria State 2011 amended 2015, I Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba, Governor of Western Equatoria State do hereby issue the state decree relieving Samuel John Basiame from his position and shall come into force upon the date of signature,” Governor Karaba read.

The fired state Minister was appointed on the ticket of National Agenda/I-TGoNU. No reasons were cited for this surprise move.

Consequently, Governor Futuyo issued a state order No. 05/2021 appointing Mr Yona Robert Maki as new state Minister of cooperative and rural development replacing Samuel John Basiame.

Governor Karaba acted on Republican decree N0.51/2020 date June 2020, Republican order No. 03/2021 date 2nd March 2021 and Article (99)a of the Transitional Constitution of Western Equatoria State as basis of his action.

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