State leaders urged to punch corruption in the system

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Youth in Jonglei State are urging the newly appointed States leaders and other public servants in the country to eradicate corruption and “rots” in the public service in order to boost service delivery.

The call came days after the newly state governors were sworn in last week. Jonglei and Upper Nile States Governors were yet to be appointed.

The group was speaking in Bor town of Jonglei during roadside campaign on fighting corruption, financial accountability and transparency, peace and reconciliation in Jonglei State aimed at raising locals’ voices in the fight against corruption.

In the same event, they also demanded for financial accountability and transparency from the Unity government as they continue implementing the revitalized peace pact.

The event was conducted by Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) through funding from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Bor town.

Guot Kiir Guot, Field Coordinator at Christian Agency for Peace and Development in Jonglei said such move was crucial in ensuring total peace and harmony among the youth as they ask for transparency in the utilization of the country’s resources. 

“Mismanagement of public funds and resources has affected the young people in the country as they continue to be unemployed so this effort is geared to make the public figures transparent and accountable to the citizens of their own constituencies as service delivery is concerned,” he explained.

Guot added that demanding for proper utilization of resources and public funds by the officials was critical in the unity government.

The coordinator said at least over 15,000 residents of Bor where reached during the last week’ campaign with 7,000 males and 8,000 females.

He figured out that the same campaign was also channeled through the radio talk shows sessions to reach the wider population.

Akech Ajith, a youth leader in Bor town said it was high time for much effort to enforce reforms in public offices since it was a critical situation with severe hardships due to the pandemic.

“Avoiding corruption should be unanimous in all the government institutions and should start from top to the bottom. When it starts from bottom, it can’t be achieved since there are more powers from top,” he said.

Ajith urged public officials to concur with the law, citing that they should not assume the role under regulation in the professional context.

The youth leader wanted the natives to create good working relation with the officials as opposed to conflict when it comes to accountability, adding “locals’ voices are instrumental to making public accountable and transparent.”

Ajith also used the event to call on youth consideration in the leadership and decision making since they are knowledgeable of the present.

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