State leaders told to serve the public

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

The South Sudan opposition alliance (SSOA)Advisor on peace and security in the newly formed government of Eastern EquatoriaMathew TombeNehemiah has called on the new state leaders to serve the citizens instead of focusing on political parties.

The Advisor made the remarks during the swearing in ceremony at Torit Freedom Square last week.

“What we have been waitingfor has come. From today on we have to put aside our party’s interest and serve our people,” Mr. Nehemiah said.

Governor Louis LobongLojoreduring the occasion told the new leaders to be exemplary to the public by working in accordance to the law.

“From now onwards you must know you have now become political leaders and you need to show example. We must be law abiding leaders never interfere with the work of civil servants. As we unite together to serve the interest of the people of Eastern Equatoria, we are going to face a lot of challenges,”said Governor Lojore

“This economic crisis has made our skilledpersonnel to migrate to green pasture, they have gone and when you go to your ministriesyou will fine very few people to help you.The reality is all constitutional post holders are supposed to be having their own cars and housing, but all these are not there, the few cars that we have in our states are outdated, and the state has no money to purchase the new ones,” he explained.

The governor urged the new cabinet to bear with the current economic condition and continue to serve the public.

“I have no doubt that each one of us is aware that it is not going to be an easy task; but be prepared to do whatever it takes to sacrifice to serve our people,” Governor Lojore urged.

The governor acknowledges that civil servants have gone for months without salary but still eager to work.

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