State leaders told to prioritize service delivery

By Hassan Arun

A civil society Activist in Yei River County Central Equatorial State is calling on the newly appointedCentralEquatorial State leaders to prioritize service delivery to the citizens.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Daniel Friday MartinCoordinator of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization [CEPO] calls for security stability in the state.

He urges the appointed leaders to ensure free movement of citizens and their goods along the roads linking Yei to Juba and the neighbouring counties.

Friday believed that prioritizing security will enable free movement of people and services.

“Now that we have county commissioners, ministers, and advisors to help the state government, as a citizen who is also looking at how governance works, we want to see that the full government prioritize service delivery to the people. We want to see security stabilization in our state,”Mr.Martin said.

The activist appealed for immediate rehabilitation of all the roads linking the counties to the state capital and ensure provision of clean drinking water.

He added that the conditions of the road prevent farmers from taking their produce to the market.

“As the government is fully formed, we want to see that the roads are worked on. If you look at Central Equatoria, it is only within Juba County that the roads are a little bid fair, but if you look at places like Kajokeji, Yei,Lainya and Morobo and other feeder roads that connect Payam to Payam and village to village are completely off,” he reiterated.

He said most of the health facilities in the rural areas are not functioning due to the conflict which erupted in 2016.

Mr. Martin called on leaders to ensure that schools are cleaned as they wait for re-opening in April.

“The other area of service that we need to look into, is the health centres. Wehave also seen that due to the conflict almost all the health facilities in the rural areas are not working,” he said.

Heurged the state government and actors to join hands in considering peace and reconciliation so that social cohesion is restored.

The Activist commended the efforts of the President and Governor Emmanuel Adilfor ensuring that the state government is fully formed.

Last week President SalvaKiir Mayarditissued a presidential decree announcing full formation of the state government.

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