State Gov’t, NGO launched 16 days activism against GBV

By: Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria state government in partnership with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan yesterday launched a 16 days activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) at in Juba

The drill was envisioned at eradicating men and women on the matters related to gender base violence, discernment and compassion.

Speaking to the partakers during the foundational remarks, the Central Equatoria State Minister of Gender, Child and social wellbeing Bullen Amos Soro said, the training was subjected to empower both men and women to ascertain gender profound issues or hitches as well as address them harmoniously.

“We have noticed that we live in a society where culture and tradition sometimes create gender discrimination. This training enables both men and women to identify gender issues, address them amicably to create a positive society,” he stressed.

However, Justice Francis Amum said that Gender Based Violence in the society transpires based on dogmatic, fiscal, cultural and social perspectives in a way that one party either female or the male claims dominance above the other.

“In our society of today, all gender forms of violence arise based on political, economic, cultural and social perspective in which both gender compete superiority against the other. Therefore men and women should ensure that addressing all forms of gender violence and discrimination among themselves is prior to be handled by them amicably,’’ He said.

He similarly howled that, for gender based violence to be addressed, there should be conditions and regulations that could escort both sex beyond prerogative.

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