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State gov,t agreed to pay Workers’ Union dispersal of Salary arrears

By Deng Ghai Deng

The Workers’ Trade Union in Jonglei State has, on Thursday, agreed with the State government dispersal of August and September 2021 Salary arrears.

The agreement came days after the workers’ union warned to call for another Civil servant strike if the state government fails to pay the civil servants.

Samuel Majer, the Secretary of the Workers’ Trade Union in Jonglei state said the political post holders including the executive have paid themselves already and were trying to delay the payments for civil servants for unknown reasons.

“We were concerned because the money has already been brought from Juba. Why delay paying the civil servants? If we remain quiet, the money might be used for other purposes like what caused the problems of July arrears last time. But fortunately, today we met the Acting governor and agreed to pay the civil servants.” Majer said

Meanwhile,Bior Mabat welcomed the decision by the acting governor to pay the civil servants, saying there will be no more strike or protest.

“We welcome the decision to pay our salary arrears. We only demanded for our rights no other way around. Those who want to divert our reason for strike; we are not against the government or calling for a regime change. We are the workers of the government and what we want is our right to be paid and that is all.” Mabat said.

TuongMajoj, the Jonglei state acting governor confirmed that the cheques are out and the civil servants will receive their salaries immediately.

“We have no intention not to pay our civil servants. The delays are caused by some administrative issues but that doesn’t mean the government has bad intentions. Those who got their cheques can start receiving their salaries as of today.” Majok said

Last month, hundreds of Jonglei state employees rejected their salaries and staged demonstrations to protest what they termed the state’s modified salary structure which does not follow the salary structure ordered by the national labor and public service ministry two months ago.  The civil servants were later paid their salaries with full allowances after a committee tasked by President Salva Kiir to investigate the root causes of the civil servant’s protests in the Jonglei state capital Bor has ordered the state government to pay public servants according to the new salary structure.

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