State gov’t agreed to meet civil Servants demands in Jonglei

By Deng Ghai Deng

 Civil Servants in Jonglei State capital Bor said that they have temporarily called off the strike after the State government agreed to meet all their demands.

Samuel Majier Loch, the Secretary-General of the Workers Trade Union in Jonglei State said civil servants have not resumed their work but were on standby to see to it that the state government respects and adheres to its commitments by giving out salaries according to their demands.

“The government has already recognized our rights and if it denies our rights we are going to not only strike but continue with public demonstrations.  I am calling the civil servants to be patient for today maybe the salaries will be out, ” Loch said

He added that he warned all civil servants across the State to resume and continue with the strike and public demonstrations should the government fail to honour its comments.

John Bior-Mabat, the Representatives of Teachers said even if the public demonstrations are on hold all public schools remain closed until teachers start receiving their full salaries with allowances according to the new salary structure scale.

“Teachers across South Sudan have shown patience and patriotism by continuing to offer teaching services though underpaid in a harsh economic situation of the country. He says the teachers were happy when President Salva Kiir announced the increment by 100 per cent in July, but teachers are frustrated when state officials create a mess and financial fraud to interfere with the teachers’ salaries and allowances. The economic crisis was caused by our own making; we created a war that derailed our country into this economic mess. As such we congratulated the government of South Sudan for a little effort that they offered us as civil servants. What we don’t want is intimidation in the process and we don’t want somebody to benefit from somebody’s right,”

Tuong Majok, the Jonglei State Acting governor, said the state government has recognized the civil servant’s rights and has resolved to release funds and pay them according to their demands.

“The government has responded to the demands of the protesters. Yesterday the governor of the state had instructed the minister of finance to calculate the missing allowances and add them to their salaries. And up to this morning, the ministry of finance is working to calculate all the allowances of all civil servants across the state. This gave us the chance to breathe, this morning we are now in the offices and working, our civil servants respected the communications that happened yesterday and they are patiently waiting to get their salaries as they claimed.” Majok said

He urged the civil servants to resume their work as the state government works to meet their demands. This week, hundreds of Jonglei government employees rejected July salary arrears and staged public demonstrations against what they called the state government’s modified salary structure which doesn’t correspond with the will of the workers and the new salary structure as ordered by the national ministry of labour and public service in Juba 2 months ago.

Earlier this week, Civil servants accused State executives, including Governor Denay Jock Chagor, deputy governor Antipas Nyok Kucha, and state advisors and ministers of increasing their own salaries but did nothing to help ordinary government workers.  They say salaries for constitutional post holders in the state such as the Governor, deputy governor, advisors and ministers now range between 500,000 SSP to 200,000 SSP while basic salaries of the other government workers range between 1,000 to 10,000 South Sudanese Pounds, which Loch called discriminatorily. 

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