State governors should improve revenue collection

By Bol Deng Kiir

The state government should improve on the revenue authority collection system in various states of South Sudan to meet the best interest of the people.

Edmund Yakani, the executive director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), said in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday that hehas been traveling to the states, looking at the financialbased viability of the state government.

In the statement, Yakani said,” I realized that the state has enough revenue but the challenge is that we don’t have a proper system to collect that revenue to meet the best interest of the citizens,” he added.

“Much of the revenue are collected in the pocket of the individuals who are consuming this money for their personal gain, my appeal to the new governors in the states is that, they have to restrict the corrupt practices that I have seen in different levels of the state governments,” Yakani revealed.

All the departments that are responsible for collection of revenues are to be held accountable, and adopt the spirit of transparency and practice the best system.

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