By Agar Mayor Gai

It is not wrong to say that people, who work, live and share certain things in life e.g the same land or state, are the ones whose fights and disagreements over a good number of things are common.

You find that societies, which share the same state, have old and long stories concerning one another. More commonly, these stories have their contents as those of the wars fought with the other society, as those of how the other community came into their current residences and as those of murder, adulteries and land disputes with the neighboring clans or communities.

These records either negative or positive are kept and handed down from one generation to the other. The failures or victories are preserved such that when time comes, the younger generation will have a glimpse of all that happened between his community and the other neighboring people.

All, who are of African descent, have experienced and lived through these links. Every child who grows up in an African and in particular a South Sudanese family, the first thing he starts to know even at a teen age, is what the other community did against theirs.

He starts asking his parents the triumphs or defeats of their clan by the other side clan. And when told, he develops a very toxic hatred against his fellows.

He grows and believes that one time, if possible he will make sure that his clan smells and sees the smoke of happiness as a sign of their victory against their enemies.

He says in his own heart that when he gets the power of people, that is if he produces alot of kids, he will by no doubt take revenge. The power of many children was an idea of old days.

Now in our modern times, in people’s views, what works is the power of guns or government.

The power of being appointed as a governor or a commissioner in your state. Walking in line with the old perception, people feel happy when their son or daughter is brought a governor of their state.

They place all their hopes in him. They wait for him with their mouths wide open.

They feel that their enemies will have no room since they will be the ones holding the state powers. The state police and army in their view is the centre of their strength.

And for their luck, the governor comes with that heart as of his people. He kills loots and grabs land from his clan’s enemies. In his view, he sees his being a governor as a blessing to his people.

He says in his own heart that God has really answered their prayers and so he should not leave anything unturn. This phenomenon had and still has its roots in most African countries e.g South Sudan

In nations where the percentage level of educated people is low, the only thing they know as a solution to land disputes, murder, cattle raiding between communities, is holding a state power.

And to combat this, the national government should always find proper ways of handling right this issue. It has to make sure that the state administrators do not come from where they rule.

The Equatorians should not be governors of their own regional states but instead have to be taken to Upper Nile or Bahr-el-Ghazal and the people from the other two regions being also exchanged.

This idea will relieve us of killings, land disputes, cattle raiding among societies of the same state until when a new era unfolds, a time when education will have changed our perspectives on inter-clan conflicts.

At that time, the bell of competing for good national works will have been rung.

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