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State Education Ministry launches new building in Yambio

By Baraka John

The State Ministry of General Education and instruction in Western Equatoria has launched construction of new office block with the aim of shifting the ministry’s offices which have been operating under installed container for over fifteen years.

The construction of the new office which would have twenty administrative rooms and a meeting hall was expected to be completed after three months with funding from the State government.

At the launching on Wednesday, Governor Alfred FutuyoKaraba pledged $10,000 for the commencement of the new building.

HeFutuyo called on the rest of the sixteen ministries in the State to be more productive by creating projects to enable the development of their institutions and contribute $10,000 for the construction of the Ministry’s new office block. 

Meanwhile the State Minister for General Education and Instructions, Grace Apollo Musa called on public to support the construction citing the building would not benefit only the Minister but the whole state.  

“We should work together for the development of our State and shun deadly politics of division which is anti-development. If we give chance for peace, more developmental activities will come in our state, but if we remain divided, we shall achieve nothing at the end”, Futuyoadvised.

Minister Grace said the construction of the state ministry would enable her staff run their daily office work under new offices instead of operating under installed containers of more 15 years ago. 

“We came in this ministry; there was no single toilet and it was bushy, so it’s time that we embark on delivering services to or community. The dream of constructing new office was my first priority when I was appointed the state minister of education in February.The ministry has been operating under containers for long”, Grace said.

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