State Coordinators briefed on Indian capacity building courses

Press Release

Indian Ambassador S D Moorthy met 21 States Coordinators (Wau, Gogrial, Twic, Tonj, Lol, Fashoda, Abyei Administrative area, Maridi, Maiwut, Northern Liech, Latjor, Terekeka, Yei River, Fangak, Gbudue, Gok, Ruweng, Western Lakes, Boma, Akobo and Bieh) and briefed them about the capacity building training scholarships offered under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) which is fully sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. For South Sudan there are 240 slots available under ITEC for the year 2019-20. So far, more than 100 candidates have availed this scholarship.  The beneficiaries are from South Sudan National Government, University teachers, Bank of South Sudan   and State government.

Ambassador briefed the Coordinators about the salient features of the programme and the details of the courses available under various subjects. He urged the Coordinators to convey the details to their respective State Governments and asked the authorities to select suitable candidates to undergo the useful courses as per the requirements of the States.

The Coordinators thanked Indian Embassy for the interaction to create the awareness about the capacity building courses offered by Government of India.

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