State Cabinet set to deliver service

By John Agok

The Central Equatoria State Council of Ministers yesterday convened its first meeting promising to deliver services in the State.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Paulino Lukudu the Minister of Information who is also the state government Spokesperson highlighted a number of items deliberated on saying the Council discussed issues that include Covid-19 pandemic, repatriation of Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs).

“The cabinet urged people of Central Equatoria State to live in peace, despite the ongoing attacks on the roads and that the government will ensure protection of all the civilians. The Council of Ministers has started the process of repatriating IDPs and calling on NGOs to set up centers for trauma healing for those victims of wars since 2013,” he said.

Mr. Lukudu also revealed that, the Council of Ministersled by Governor Emanuel Adil conveyed their condolence message for the passing on of the Finance Minister.

He disclosed that, the Council have resolved the three Memos that will reunite the workforce of Central Equatoria State employees addressed through the Minister of Labor and Cabinet Affairs with other formed clusters.

“TheGovernor urged the Cabinet to cooperate among themselves. He also cautioned cabinet to expect challenges they may encounter while embarking on developmental activities in serving people of the state,” he said.

Theydiscussed the matter of land grabbing, the flooding and called upon the public to co-exist in peace and harmony.

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