State Anti-Corruption Chairperson resigns in Jonglei

By Deng Ghai Deng

The Chairperson of the Anti-corruption commission in JongleiPeter Pal Chuol, the chairperson of Anti-corruption Commission in Jonglei state presented his letter of resignation to the office of the state governor Denay Jock Chagor yesterday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Chuol said that the reasons for resignation were personal.He claimed that there was lack of transparency and accountability in the state’s financial system.

“Corruption usually thrives where there is no transparency and accountability, where institutions work in isolation. And this is currently what is happening in the state, because if institutions and individuals can work in isolation that is a very strong indicator that it can give room to corruption,” Chuol said.

He stated that some unidentified people had been writing notes containing assassination threats, which they often threw at his residence. Also, some institutions tried to do its best in making sure that there was transparency and accountability.

“For me personally, I got death threats in July. I received a death threat because we were trying to exercise our mandate,” he said.

He revealed that he had to leave Bor because the working environment was not safe for him given the fact that concerned authorities including state security officials did little to apprehend suspects provoking the environment.

“If you are threatened with death threat messages and the person is not apprehended, there is no way you could say I am safe. Although I was in the state for quite some time, I didn’t feel safe and that is obvious even the bravest person will not feel safe. After receiving a death threat, I actually wrote a formal letter to the governor and copied the rest of relevant institutions but nothing was done,” Chuol said.

Meanwhile, Manager in the Office of governor Denay Chagor, GatkekGony, confirmed that he had received the resignation letter from the head of the state’s Anti-corruption Commission.

However, David Garang, Civil Society Network in Jonglei urged Jonglei state top officials to provide a safe working environment for independent institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“What I would like the State government to do is to come up and see which institution is not providing the services and what is the reason why the institution is not providing the services.  When there is anything behind or something that is constraining the delivery of the services then the governor has to act immediately. There is no reason the person is being threatened and the governor is not responding. It’s the work of the governor to supervise who is doing his work and who is not,” Garang said.

Garang urged state governor Chagor to provide a safe working environment for the civil servants in order to allow service delivery to the common citizens.

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