Start turning back to God


By Akol Arop Akol

It is common for people to negotiate about issues involving God the creator. As God is not seen physically, humans differ in understanding and conception. Some believe while others think God is not there. Who is to be corrected and who is to be supported? For us to think and understand the Divine work of the maker of every creature we must have wisdom or otherwise it is not humanly possible to understand Supernatural works.

Humans are divided by their own beliefs. Now we have scientists who say there is no God based on their technological adventure to the space while those who believe in physical divinity of creation admit that there is someone above all of them. There is another group known as the pagans who are in the middle of beliefs. They say they were created but God is not there.

This confusion makes others ask that “is God a male or a female? They ask whether God made all the people in His own image and loves them equally. If He uses the same skills or knowledge to create people, then why are others ugly, beautiful, rich, poor, healthy, sick? Why some are people living in happiness and achieve success while the rest ever dwell in sorrow and failure? Why are we not equal in this world? Other questions are topped on existence of people who do immoral deeds in the community. God dislikes killing and it is not His intention for one to die young when he or she has not yet lived a given life.

But why does He simply allow His beloved children to be killed by sickness, devil, robbers and rebels? Why can’t He evaluate the criminals before they confuse and destroy the community? We have to understand that He does not hate anyone. All of us are His creatures. How do we know Him? He is a powerful, merciful, careful and being characterized with decent qualities. We can ignore, disobey and dishonor other things in this world, but with God there is no joke. We cannot panic.

We must know where we all came from, what we are doing here today and where we are going. We may have distinct answers. But the overall origination and destination are by God’s power and mainly for His purposes. No one of us has chosen to be born though we sometimes choose to die. For sure it is difficult to be brought into the world but it is so easy to get lost and disappear. Life by one’s own choice perishes easily. Should you say you are living your own life the way you want? What about the pain of your parents who gave birth to you? That life in you belongs to God. Therefore, you have to dedicate and live it for Him. Even if the world is giving you temptation that is not the final limitation. You still have a chance to turn back to holiness. Jesus is ready and calling you to turn back and live happy life free from sins.

But how do we seek to find God. It is through humility, sincerity and ability to live in righteousness in order to give glory and credit to your Super-Natural-being who controls your spiritual soul.

Jesus tells us to “repent and believe.” He talks about God’s kingdom all the time, and he repeatedly foresees it as part of a banquet, a feast, a joyful celebration of all that is good. How strange that we keep wandering away from the banquet, glimpsing over our shoulders at our father. How beautiful that when we finally start to find our way back to the celebration, we find that God has been running towards us, embracing us,  calling us his own and welcoming us home. This is an invitation to a banquet in the house of the Lord. It means of participation in the kingdom of God and a welcome into the family.







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