Starford International University soon shifting to the new environment

By Emelda Siama John

The Starford International University College will soon shift from its current premises at City Mall to a new campus in Hai-Referendum, the varsity official said.

The university has been operating in City since its establishment in 2016.

The students will start their new semesters in the new building at the main campus, probably on February 2022, Matur Ater Majing, the Director for Academic Affairs said.

The Director for Academic Affairs, Matur Ater Majing and the Dean of economic and social sciences, Musa Hassan in the new building campus

Matur Ater Majing said that the university was founded in 2015 by a South Sudanese investor Dum Cyer Cyer Deng to promote the academic excellence of nationals to the world.

“They aim at promoting peace and development in the university and meet the standard Starford. Since it was established, the first class started on May 2016 with 30 students only and from 2016-2021, we have 5,000 students of which 447 graduated in 2020,” Ater said.

Ater said the university will graduate its second batch of students in February 2022 from new campus in Hai-Referendum.

Musa Hassan, the Dean of Economic and Social Sciences said that Starford International University faced immense challenges last year but managed to come out stronger and now looks forwards to achieve more.

“We are proud that at least we have got our own land,we going to introduce more departments like the college of education, the college of Agriculture, and college of medicine. The land is enough that we are going to have packing yard for students, directors, and the staff,” Hassan said.

“The Starford International University is a unique university. If you compare our curriculum with the other universities, we are the best with the evidence that the students of the University of Juba and Upper NileUniversitynormally share our notes with our students at Starford and we are competing with the universities in the western world,” Hassan added.

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