Star Pharmaceutical donates two refrigerators to Ministry of Health

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Star Pharmaceutical Company donated two refrigerators to the Ministry of Health in order to help the safety of a medicine in storage.

Over the weekend, Star Pharmaceutical Company in partnership with Haier Biomedical Cold Chain launched products under the theme “Haier cold chain and last-mile Healthcare solutions”

Dr. Victoria Anib Majur, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health appreciates Star Pharmaceutical for its support toward hospitals as well as other partners supporting the health system in the Country.

“We want to ensure that vaccines and other products are safe and stored properly until they are given to the beneficiary. Also, I encourage the private sector to work in collaboration with us so that we are able to save our population,”

She added that the Ministry of Health appreciates Star Pharmaceutical for donating the cold chains to the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Dejen Weldu, Star Pharmaceutical Managing Director said that Star Pharmaceutical joined the rest of its Health partners in promoting and advocating for sustainable products and reliable healthcare change.

“Star Pharmaceutical is moving to provide healthcare products and solutions effectively and efficiently. We are working to improve our capacity,”

He added that Star Pharmaceutical Company is a company registered in South Sudan dealing in the health care product supply business since 2010 in importing and distributing medicines on a small scale.

Star Pharmaceutical has grown abundantly and set the biggest pharmaceutical warehouse in Juba with full standards to store pharmaceutical products. The current storage capacity of our twin warehouse is 1,540 Full containers. As the vision of our company encompasses one-stop solutions of healthcare product supply and solutions, we moved to include the supply of Medical Equipment, Surgical, Hospital furniture, Laboratory equipment, Diagnostic Reagents, Medical Consumables, and Hospital Linens. To accommodate the need for cold chain products, we have put in place a refrigerator with a capacity of 273 cubic ft. As a backup to the recurrent power shortages in Juba, the refrigerator is equipped with 12 charge batteries, so that the cold chain keeps its standard. Livestock in South Sudan is one of the highest per capita in the world. However, as it is not commercialized and there is a severe lack of information, the health of these livestock has been largely not attended to. To fill this gap, our company is partnering with the global veterinary drug manufacturer to supply these needs. Our company market has been the private sector; supplying wholesale pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, and clinics throughout the country. Our products have reached different corners of the country and we have developed trust on the quality of our products and the reliability of supply capacity. Although we work hard to make our products affordable, the quality is never compromised.

Recently, our capacity and standard of practice have been assessed by Health Pool Fund (HPF) as a prequalification process to be a local vendor in the supply of healthcare products to the numerous NGOs in South Sudan. Due to the continuous hard work and progress in the improvement of our standards in sourcing the products and warehousing, generally our standard of practice, we become among the few pre-qualified companies in South Sudan. In Star Pharmaceuticals, improvement in every aspect of practice is a constant factor and drives towards achieving our mission.

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