Star International University installs new students’ leaders

By Moses Gum Dgur

Star International University has on Friday installed new students’ leaders with the aim of transforming young leaders into future good leaders.

At the swearing in ceremony of the students’ leaders, the presiding lawyer Dr. Philip Manyok who is also the Dean of Faculty of Law at the University urged the new leaders to develop in to future leaders.

The new board sworn in on Monday includes Ring Franco Akech for Guild President deputized by Dut Dau Monyjok.

Others include James Ohia the Speaker assisted by Joseph Adhet Deng while Jacob Lam Daodyede became the Secretary General with Vivian Alang taking over position of Bursar.

Ngong Diing Ngong the Minister of Information, Yong John Akol for Campus affairs, Pio Deng Malek for Sports and Culture, Raponi Clara for religious affairs while Mabor Mayek Tolwut assumed the position of Education Secretary.

The outgone members are Abraham Jok with his assistant Patrick Otim and their speaker Diing Diing Dan among others.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony, James Ajuong Arou the Director of Star International University called on students to exercise their leadership skills in a bid to transform their societies.

He said there is need for South Sudanese to train young people for good governance and promote them to understand how to solve complex issues at their earlier age.

“It is our sole responsibility to train young people on leadership, transform them, change and introduce spirit of hard work to undeveloped and come up with clear objectives of managing the society,” said Arou.

He said that it is essential for young people to associate themselves with elders to learn and adapt leadership styles before starting their career so that they can acquire new ideas.

Arou asked the students to use their knowledge to initiate new programs and develop them into income generating activities.

He said he believes that it is a prerequisite for all young people to adapt the spirit of hard work to change from the old system of governance to new ones to liberate people of South Sudan from backwardness.

Dr. Philip Manyok the Dean Faculty of Law said for South Sudan to come out from backwardness, there is need for collective efforts of all the citizens.

Manyok said people are suffering because many are lazy to work which he said increases poverty and vulnerability.

He called on all the students to think critically about the persistent poverty which he said should only be eradicated through hard work and competency in all areas.

Ring Franco Akech, the new Guild President said for young people to progress, they should be given advice and be supported.

He said young people are often considered to represent the future as they bring new ideas and energy to add to the pool of knowledge that currently exists.

“They can bring enthusiasm and vitality which can lead to new discoveries and developments that can benefit society or even the world at large,” said Akech.

“Although they are not the only drivers of social change, young people are seen to be one the key drivers engendering change,” he added.

Franco, however said that, much of the country remains unaffected by such developments and there is still much to be done to create an inclusive society where the living conditions for the whole population are brought up to an acceptable level and absolute poverty is eradicated.

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