Star Eagles plans to set up international studio

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Famous Artists commonly known as Star Eagle’s plans to set up world class recording studio for both audio and videos in the Country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Deneya Denis that South Sudan music has not been doing much in the international market because only few South Sudanese musicians receive international awards and believes that setting up the world class studio will enable improve south Sudan music to get to international level.

“As star eagles in our plan, our next thing that we want to do is to set up a world class studio for both audio and video. This is what we want to do so that the musicians here will have another test of production and class. South Sudan music has not been doing so well in the international market that is why you see in the most international awards south Sudanese are not featuring but we are working hard to ensure that south Sudan is represented outside our boundaries,” he promised.

He added that out a challenge of South Sudanese artists concentrating in singing without talents. Music is a process that needs time for one to produce an attractive song that catches the attention of the audience.

“The problem I have seen with us that, many people think they can be musicians yet we have other who can specialize in song writing.  There are people who have written good songs but the way they bring it out is not musically professional,” Denis added.

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