Star Eagles on a radio tour for their new song





By Sarah Kiko

Star Eagles this week started a tour of the local radio stations premiering their new song “Mata Kore”.

According to Dennis, one of the group’s members, the song is meant to build hope and remind the people of South Sudan of the great love they have for each other.

“It is in the culture of South Sudanese to love each other and share whatever they have,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on SSBC Radio hosted by Joe Mario on Tuesday, Dennis confirmed that this year they have worked on 10 tracks album which they hope they will fully release this year.  Mata Kore is one of the songs.

Star Eagles Band consists of the duo Dennis and Tony popularly known for their “Mara Tayi” song.

They also did hit songs such as Mama Boy, Saidu al Maskin and many other songs. The two vocalists have played major roles in promoting gospel music industry in the country.

During the talk show, Tony said that all they do is to point people to look to God. He added that when things get hard, Christians and believers should put their trust and hope to God.

The two confirmed that the touring of the radio stations was organized by their promotion company Rockstar Records and Promotions accompanied by Rocky Charles the operations manager of the company.

Dennis applauded the station of SSBC and others for promoting South Sudanese music and encouraged people to listen and understand the words of every song.

Star Eagles duo in City FM radio station

Many South Sudanese musicians have composed songs about the situation but it seems no one pays attention to that. Star Eagles released many songs such as Afi Ana, Salama, and Let’s Stand Together with major collaborations in the country to promote peaceful coexistence in the country.

Star Eagles have also been selected for the Andriana Road Show Project together with big names in the industry such as Kawaja Revolution and Yuppie Jay in which they will perform randomly in South Sudan with others to travel outside the country.

It is worth mentioning that the music industry needs to be given attention just as other sectors because it plays very important role in unifying the people, according to Dennis.

Gospel songs are playing big roles in the community; most of these songs are being played in churches, funeral places and weddings.

“Star Eagles have been called by God to serve the nation through music and inspires the young generation to surrender their lives to God and live under His love so that they are able to live in harmony with each other in the society or the community,” Dennis said.

Star Eagles have been an inspiration to many upcoming Gospel singers in the country and abroad. Their songs are inspiration from true stories and issues affecting the church and the society.

According to Dennis, God is concerned about our social life. He said they believe that when people live upright with good morals, then the church will be strong as well as the nation.

Though the gospel music lacks proper promotion, the two vocalists have kept their focus to achieve their goal of what they call “reaching the unreached,” through music.

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