The on-going standoff of truck drivers at the Nimule border point should be resolved to ease the tension and the looming shortage of basic commodities. This issue has been going on for almost a week after foreign drivers protested the killing of their colleagues who were delivering commodities to Juba. The un-wanton killings have resulted in over three thousand trucks being parked at the border on the Uganda side with drivers demanding to be provided by security escorts to and from Juba. It is not the first time for such incidents to happen randomly bit the recent one did happen within short period of time which raises eyebrows as if it was a sabotage by creating fear on the truck drivers and their agents. Initially there were security escorts all the way from Juba to the border and likewise on return. It is not clear why this exercise is no longer in place and why the criminals or thugs are let to terrorize road users. The government should restore security along this main outlet to save the looming danger of hunger and other possible shortage. The Uganda counterparts have promised to beef up the expected security. It should therefore, be the work of security organ in Juba to live to the expectation and save the lives of those bringing in the required items for use in the country. Indeed it is the responsibility of the government to protect all sundries within the country. This is a matter that should be given immediate attention and solved without delay since the possibility of incurring double losses are eminent between the truck owners and the people who had ordered for the goods to be brought.Juba- Nimule road should be made safe for transporters and travelers as it is the main road that feed the country.

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