Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

A free life where one does not expect the adage of the 40 days like Felicien Kabuga who had been on the run for decades after the inhuman massacres of millions of Rwandese, came to a stop with one stop point. The long arm of the law caught up with him and being of the independent mind that does not judge from the face value, the same law will be applied to deal with the Kabuga situation. My mind and thoughts right now are directed to what coronavirus is doing to the world. Sooner than later people are going to die of hunger, and that is the naked truth. I wish we could do something and not wait to be caught in the 40days bracket. What must come out is the reality that socio-economic plans must be put in place and put right now. There must be plan of action directed to the social welfare of the people as the fight against coronavirus is fought simultaneously, I am sounding my voice lone now because I am afraid in what my inner projection is seeing ahead and telling me that if we did not have time to prepare now, things might turn to be worse because no one knows how long the coronavirus is going to be with us and how long the lockdown will continue. Our country being landlocked and now with the lockdown which has forced all borders and entry points to be closed, transporting or getting basic commodities for daily use might hit a snag and cause another pandemic in the name of food insecurity. As a nation we need to put ourselves in the most appropriate preparedness to the threatening and looming global hunger. Already the common man is feeling the pinch with high prices of basic commodities in the market. To make it worse, social gathering is out of question to help in the prevention and protection of the virus. What I am yet to be told is whether digging or to plough the back-yard or fields are also restricted or this can be done at a family level just to help make some kitchen garden for sustainability. It should not be left as an exercise in futility because the future looks bleak if preparations are not done now. The think-tank should not remain in limbo or in bed forever. They should be able to be in the forefront to help move this country forward by providing and giving proper direction. They should cover all avenues that are posing danger to the public and not to leave actions to one person or the presidency alone. The planning and action needed must be prepared and made ready now knowing that hunger is real and without having alternative in place would result in a much more social agony to the citizens and the general public which must be guided against.

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