Stand for Peace


By Akol Arop Akol

The money used for weapons for war.

Could be used for development and more

Fighting has no one to be winning

but all of you warriors are sinning


See how young children are crying

Poor men and widows are flying

Because of the senseless war among us

That torn our lives like broken glass


Our rights are half-done as leaders tried

Due to error that’s why many have died

What this immorality shattered is bad

Because someone lose mother and Dad


Someone lost his children and wife

And lonely could not afford to survive

In sinister crisis increasing everyday

It’s only to hope for God and pray


Folks eat alone without looking at cats

Yet they are losing weight instead of fats

Careless spreading of rumours with no brakes

Is setting country on fire and people to graves


You in your presence age

Have a right to talk and engage

You should not sit like that or like this

Stand up to promote unity and peace



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