The governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo Karaba is blaming the conflicts going on within his administration in the state on delayed security arrangements, a component within the peace agreement. This could be true or not but the timing is not right. All along, the conflict in the state has left thousands of people displaced with others killed while others are on the run to the neighbourhood for their safety. The crisis in the state did not come yesterday and if true that the delay of security arrangement was the cause then the state government would have come out with other plans to counter the happenings. The security of the state or the entire country cannot be compromised and this the governor is very well aware of. What is happening in state is not a simple crisis. It is major and suspected to be influenced along political line. Why this should happen beats all logic as those suffering most are children and women not forgetting the aged. So many theories have been advanced as the causes of the problems in the area but without a solution. Now another one is being advanced by the state government. There are some people who are said to be operating from Juba being implicated. Why can’t the state government start from there and carry out investigations to establish the truth. Where they meet resistance, they could easily involve the national government because all what the public wants is peace and free environment where they could go about their business freely. The governor should go down in finding what is really wrong that was or is happening in his own backyard. He should not relent in the effort to finding and bringing to book those behind the crisis and ensure that peace was enjoyed in all parts of the state where equal opportunities must be maintained.

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