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After months of standoff, parliament has now approved and constituted the chairmen and their deputies of various committees to enable business resume in the house. Without parliamentary business, the country is like being denied important services by the same members whose work includes representing the interest of the public at large. Now this is behind us and the National Speaker of the August House, Anthony Lino Makana, has rang the bell. The journey start and there should be no excuses while at the same time, the honorables are getting paid with the taxes collected from the public. The stalemate which was there over the composition is now behind. How many pending deliberations are awaiting the house to articulate? The recess was not necessary in the first place but having been the cause of impending bills; it should not be any more hold the country at ransom with un-necessary demands which can be resolved as the country move forward with development agenda peacefully. During the stand-off, the MPs continued to earn their salaries while not discharging their duties. There fat allowances did not stop and all other benefits. The public should put these members on check and balance. How long will they be allowed to behave like this? It took the intervention of the head of State to have these issues resolved. MPs are mature people and they could be doing this country some justice to face and resolve any State or National issues without giving too much burden to the leadership. They now have 25 committee chairpersons and deputies. What remains is how they will make these committees work for the well-being of the country. It should not be just another tactics of delaying service delivery to the public. They are the servants of the people not their masters as they would want to portray. This truth must live with our honorables for now and forever. MPs in both State and National level are there to articulate the positive cause of the country not the other way round.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Once upon a time there were machineries for hire. One of them almost dominated the African continent with revolts after revolts. They were known as “guns for hire” in the Latin-American there was on face of Papa and Baby Doc. The names might ring a bell to those old skull time like me. Why l am bringing this reference, because, my friend SaTP provoked me in a discussion. He went short of calling me names. Under normal circumstances, l would have hit him hard, but it is like he read or detected my intention. One thing people do not understand about SaTP is that they are the kind who will walk with what is known in his world already filled up P3 Form just ready to insert any bodily harm or grievances and on his toe to a police station. He dared me because he knew l knew about him and he dared me because he knew l knew he was in that class of people who will slime with you but spike you at the back like the rat which will be biting you sweetly in sleep and ensuring you don’t wake up by blowing sweet cold on the bite. SaTP was so mystified that l almost felt sorry for him had it not been his earlier detected mischievous behaviors. Our issue for all these originated from the fact that some members of the Chiefs Council had joined a newly launched political party just to disown it the following day. Reports had told us that about 200 members of the Chiefs Council under the leadership of Deng Macham Angui had joined the Republican Party and attended the launch sometime this week where the new leaders outlined their reasons for breaking away from the mother party. As all politicians, they heaped millions and thousands of reasons for their exit. Like all politicians, they were promising heavens and earths to lure their leadership cause. It is all-over the world and politics being what it is cannot be divorced from lies and dishonesty. Were these in play over the about-turn of the chiefs? Something was not right and we could go on and say we were smelling a rat. Which rat is not in the class of the two friends of Cat and Mouse of the Tom and Jerry fame? Something was not right according to SaTP who understand the composition and the personalities in the Chiefs Council better than l do. Something was telling our friend SaTP that something did not work right with the chiefs with the new party. What could it have been? SaTP looked at me and loudly shouted you are a moron that you call other people. Can’t you see? May be this world has turned around for some people to make quick buck out of everything. May be the offer did not match the need of the Chiefs Council members. May be and there were so many maybes that we lost count. It was time for us to find out what was behind these may be or was it cash for support.



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