Stakeholdersvow to ensure Human Rights for people living with HIV

BY Yiep Joseph

Government, Organizations and human Right Advocates vowed to ensure rights of people living with HIV in the country.

During a one-day dialogue among stakeholders organized by Women Partners for Health (WOPaH) yesterday, the stakeholders vowed to make necessary awareness in regards to the protection of rights of men, women, girls, and boys living with HIV in the country.

In attendance were Brig Gen James Dak Karlo, SSNPS Deputy Spokesperson and Head of Special Protection Unit, Beny Gideon Mabor commissioner, South Sudan Human Right commission, Barbara Aroma for Federation of Women Lawyers South Sudan and many other organizations with the same goal of advocating for women Girls right and the rights for those living with HIV.

In his remark, Brig Gen James Dak Karlo SSNPS Deputy Spokesperson and the Head of Special Protection Unit vowed to work hand in hand with organizations to ensure that people living with HIV enjoy their rights like others.

“Police are working hard and ready to cooperate with Organizations to ensure that everyone gets his or her rights as per the constitution and that is why we established the Special Unit to handle any violation against women and girls’ rights including people living with HIV” Dak said.

He said that there are laws meant to protect all the rights of people living with HIV in the country but distorted by lack of implementation.

Dak cautioned stakeholders to put more effort in creating awareness to the people at the grassroots in order for them to know their rights and where it is violated, citing that this could make it easy for them to report to police.

Harriet Dumba, Executive Director, Women partners for Health said that the main aim of the dialogue is to discuss the way forward to end discrimination against people living with HIV.

She said that it is the collective responsibility of all the advocates, Organizations and the government to end all forms of violence against women, girls and people living with HIV.

Beny Gideon MaborCommissioner for South Sudan Human Right Commission called on the R-TGoNU and the partners to put much attention to the health system of the country.

“I called on the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) to continue with help of partners including all the civil society organizations to put more attention to the health care system in the country” Beny Said.

“this can be done through the following; impose laws against discrimination against people living with HIV, invest in the programs to reduce stigma and discrimination and make discrimination against people living with HIV punishable by law” he added.

He said the country had laws but lack proper implementation in regards to protecting the rights of people living with HIV, particularly women and children.  

Women Partners for health (WOPaH) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote the health and wellbeing of women and girls in the Republic of South Sudan through empowerment, advocating, education and research.

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