Stakeholders urged to finalize drafting constitution making bill

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Deputy Speaker of the Revitalized Transitional Legislative Assembly Nathaniel Oyet Pierino had urged stakeholders, particularly the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs among others to finalize drafting  the Constitution Making Bill, 2021.

Speaking during the workshop organized by UNMISS, Nathaniel Oyet said that, the constitution making bill would be presented to the Minister of  Justice and Constitutional affairs  when the drafting is concluded.

Furthermore, one of the MPs, Bol Joseph Agau said, the significance of the  Bill was the bed rock of having law that gives the parliament the right to constitute the new Permanent Constitution that would be the basis of  south Sudan as a country that we  had been looking for.

South Sudan had been using the transitional constitution drafted by individuals who were part of the leadership.

It was not looking into the  supremacy of the people, and that is why there was alot of crisis due to absence of the people in  the constitutional making process.

In the same note, Jackline Nasiwa, from the Center for  Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice, said that the constitutional making process wasto put the interest of the people of south Sudan first, including women.

Dr Richard K Mulla said that, the process was to improve the previous process, mainly when it comes to the participation of the people, since more people were involved.

He added that, not all the procedureswere perfect, but the current process was much more improving

This is thereform of all the Process, the president used to appoint and at this same time, every stage would go back to the executive for amendment. But this time there were more people involved, because there would be a drafting committee, which is to be technical and there will be an external expert and the public will be consulted. There will be civic education and national constitutional committee will at all-time be working together with the constitutional drafting committee

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