Stakeholders, Communities should get involved in budget planning-Experts


Minister of Agriculture and food security, Adigo Onyoti and Dr.Ali Issa from HESPI for picture during the training (photo by Kidega Livingstone).

By Kidega Livingstone

The economic experts from Ethiopia has advised that government’s annual budget planning process and system should involve various stakeholders in order for a nation have better development in all sectors.

Dr.Ali Issa one of the Expert of Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute  said that  the involvement of  community, Civil society organization , stakeholders and donors community  in the  process was very important because they had bottom approach.

“The stakeholders should be given a chance in the preparation of the budget. They should participate before it is passed because views and opinions about the budgeting will be collected and the government will budget according to what have been discussed,” said Dr.Ali.

The horn economic and social policy Institute in collaboration with government has started training   on preparation and execution of national budget for middle level government officials from the line Ministries.

According to Dr.Ali, there was need to dialogue among the government officials, stakeholders and donors in order for the budget to work effectively for better changes in the Country.

“The basic of annual budget need proper planning in order to develop the country”, he said

He said the National Assembly could get involved as usual but the main role was for it to be approved after going through the people.

On his part the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Hon.Adigo Onyoti welcomed the imitative, saying, training of the government officials on budget line would help to get more information while budgeting for financial years.

He said the government should move with the bottom up approach which shall involve all the citizens and donor community for better planning.

“I think this is a very important point because of the bottom up approach. This will enable people to express their view about the budget and will help the government to plan correctly,” said Onyoti.

However, some of the participants from the government and private Institution expressed their concern saying, annual budget in South Sudan could not move effectively due to war situation, economic crisis and the joining of the East African Community.

“For a new Country like South Sudan just which joined the East African community we need to be given time, said Mr Deng one of the trainees.

Another participant, Denis said that budget in the country  should determine the prices in the market “The river Nile water is very expensive yet we are not importing it .so the budget should look at these thing, “said Denis.





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