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St Lawrence students mourns Prof Mukiibi’s demise

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

Prominent educationist, Prof Lawrence Mukiibi, the founder of St Lawrence University is dead.

Mukiibi was wounded last year in an accident and passed away on Sunday morning at Norvik Hospital. The late was a highly respected educationist the world has ever known. He spent all his entire life educating Africans and world’s future leaders regardless of where they come from. But are students ready to receive education and use it to transform the African dream and make it a reality?

The entrepreneurial journey of Prof Mukiibi as an educationist and Pan-Africanist started many years ago. Prof. Mukiibi wrote the “Souvenir Book” which he referred to as “The Journey” about his life as an educational entrepreneur.

Prof Mukiibi accomplished his studies at the age of only 24 at Makerere University and became a secondary school teacher where he said that he had a dream of starting Lawrence Empire way back when he was still in senior two in his words.

By the time he completed University, there was turmoil in Uganda so the late decided to go to Kenya which was more stable in terms of political crisis in Africa.

While in Kenya, he worked as a senior teacher and as an examiner before coming back to Uganda and established schools and subsequently founded St Lawrence University which is now one of the leading learning institutions in Uganda and home to millions of foreign students mainly from South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia etc.

South Sudanese students at St Lawrence University bitterly mourn the untimely death of their beloved lecturer and founder of St Lawrence University.

Prof Mukiibi was a great man, easy to approach according to St Lawrence University Guild president Mr. Marial Madit Majier, a south Sudanese. He described the late professor as an “Educationist who inspired many young Africans to invest in education.”

St Lawrence University students from all walks of life dedicated Wednesday as a day to commemorate the late Prof Mukiibi’s success and achievements as the founder of the University.

The late was born on 20th February, 1948 to the family of Petri Kimuli Ssemakula. Prof Mukiibi was passionate about education and many students have benefited from him.

Prof. Mukiibi worked so hard to achieve a lot of international recognition and at home in Uganda where he hailed from. Mukiibi will be remembered in Uganda’s education sector as an icon.

The body of the deceased will be later taken to his ancestral home in Katende Village, Mpigi district for a burial at 2pm on Friday the 2nd.

Prof Mukiibi in his book wrote and said in 20 years to come, St Lawrence will entail an expansion of the school curriculum, to include agriculture on the side of St Lawrence University. In the next 20 years, it will have changed the concept of “having theoretical university students who just regurgitate their notes and cannot apply knowledge through entrepreneurship.

The University will practically put those dreams and plans into everlasting work plan for next generation to come.

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

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