St Charles Lwanga School to be extended to Juba

By: Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

The administration of St Charles Lwanga International Secondary School in Kampala plans to establish a similar school in Juba.

John Mathukutty Deepu, the General Manager of the school said there was underway plan to establish another school in Juba to bring services closer to the people as peace has already returned to the country.

St Charles Lwanga School in Uganda is known for academic excellence.

Mathukutty whose school is dominated by South Sudanese, called on South Sudanese to invest in education, saying the country needs more skilled labor.

 He hailed South Sudanese students for their academic excellence.

“The school was established many years ago with objectives of educating the entire African children and we are willing to take educational services offered by St Charles Lwanga International Secondary School to South Sudanese capital Juba in near future,” Mathukutty said.

St Charles Lwanga International Secondary School is located in Kampala suburb.

Nyantut Biel Reat, South Sudanese student studying at St Charles Lwanga said you cannot see the intelligence of a person unless you reflect on his positive attitudes.

She said education was very essential for national building particularly the disadvantaged generation that had been in war like South Sudanese.

Ms. Nyantut urged parents to bring their children to join St Charles Lwanga Secondary School where equality and freedom of association exists without discrimination.

“The current head of sport at St Charles School Club is a South Sudanese student. There are many talents activities that South Sudanese students are taking part in school competition,” she said.

Nyantut appealed to parents to allow their daughters to go to school so that they may become future leaders.

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