SSRRC calls for employment of locals in NGOs

By: Martha David

The Chairperson of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission said NGOs operating in the country should adhere to the 80 percent employment rate for the locals.

Manase Lomule Waya   disclosed that the Ministry of Labor and the national NGOs were developing recruitment guidance to meet the 80 percent for South Sudanese employment rate in the NGOs.

He was speaking during the 2019 NNGOs Expo yesterday in Juba under the theme “National NGOs for Peace and Sustainable Development.”

Lomule said the NGOs should stop demanding for more experience when advertising for jobs “This idea of experience needs to be discouraged, if you are not given the opportunity to work, where will you get that experience?”

He revealed that some of the employers fear to recruit young people because they are more senior than them

Lomule urged employers to be closer to the people who are over qualified so as to learn from them.  

He added that the local NGOs were supposed to provide the opportunities to the young graduates.

John Riek Yior, Chair of the National Non-Governmental Organization and Executive Director for Africa Development Aid said NNGOs forum are working hard to deliver services to the people in the country.

He said the NNGOs don’t want to do emergency works for long only because of the conflict, “If there is no peace the work will not be done properly.”

Yior encouraged people not to rely on aid but to work for themselves.  

“We need people of South Sudan not to rely on aids, we want to see South Sudanese growing what is in their potential,” he stressed.

He called on both the government and the opposition to restore peace in the country.

Mary Otieno, the Country Director for United Nation Population Fund and a Humanitarian Coordinator called on the government to support National NGOs in providing assistance to the communities.

She said the NNGOs are contributing to the development of the country through their service delivery.     

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