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SSPDF release 73 years old man alleged NAS member

By Hassan Aun Cosmas

South Sudan People’s Defense Force released seventy-three years old man who alleged a member of National Salvation Front after two month in detention.

Bethuel was arrested on 04/11/2021 in Limbe and detained by the military intelligent unit in Yei and later released on 05th January 2022.

  Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei-River County explained that the seventy-three years old Bethuel Laku Pataki, was a chief of Lorega Boma in Mukaya Payam before his interception in an operation by SSPDF forces.

“Bethuel Laku Pataki was arrested as a member of National Salvation front rebels in Lorega boma in Mukaya payam when there was a confrontation between the rebels and the SSPDF forces because  the  got him with a gun.He was arrested in Limbe, they referred his case to Yei and he has been under detention of the military intelligence and after assessment and investigations based on his age and he has been also a chief, the army and the intelligence had to bring him to my office so that he is set free,”

He added that the accused was release stressing it is a gesture that the conflict being fought is destructive and has no benefit to pursue and symbolizing peace.

“We have released him as a gesture to show that the conflict we are having has nothing to benefit to us as a society it is destructive and this destruction is destroying our societies. There is no need us to continue fighting and there is no need to hold somebody who has not caused a danger to the government and there is no need to continue pursuing a conflict which does not benefit South Sudan.

He is released based on the understanding that we want our people to live in peace and let him be a symbol of peace between those who are suffering because of this conflict and those who might have been victimized because of joining a movement that has actually turned to be destroying its own society”. Confirms the Commissioner.

Commissioner Aggrey calls upon the chiefs and those still holding arms against the government to humble themselves, seek for forgiveness and join hands in achieving peace.

“We call that those who are still in the bushes or our chiefs who are still being used to promote violence conflict in the rural areas to humble themselves, to seek for forgiveness, to reconcile with each other and we join our hands to stay together in peace”. Commissioner appeals

Meanwhile, the Director for Civil Military Relations and Information, lieutenant colonel Micheal Machar reiterates that Betwel Laku Pataki is officially released, handed over to his relatives and can freely interact.

“Laku has been released and he has been handed over to his family and the family are going to take care of him and he is free from now because honourable commissioner has declared him free and the acting commander of special forces plus intelligence officer that he Laku is free and can do everything that he is doing,”

Last year on the 09th, June 2021, Leadership of South Sudan Peoples Defence Forces or SSPDF handed to Yei River County Commissioner a National Salvation Front soldier who was arrested and detained since March 2020.

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