SSPDF officer killed, eight others killed in cattle raiding.

By Mabor Riak Magok

An SSPDF officer and 8 other people were killed Nyaruach cattle camp in the defunct Easter Lakes State by suspected armed Youth raiders assumed to be from defunct Western Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba monitor in an interview, the defunct Eastern Lakes Secretary General, Barnaba Mayor Deng said 8 people have been confirmed dead and one SSPDF identified as Majak Matueny who is a major in SSPDF army.

Deng said he is still waiting for more information from his Executive Director from Aluakaluak area.

“Yes, there was an armed raiders attacked Nyaruach cattle camp killing 8 cattle owners plus a major from the SSPDF”, said Deng.

He said the cattle raiders have made away with unknown huge number of cattle.

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