SSPDF frees NAS soldier

By Hassan Arun Cosmas – Yei

The leadership of South Sudan Peoples Defence Forces (SSPDF) in Yei on Tuesday handed over a National Salvation Front soldier who was arrested last year in March to Yei County Commissioner.

The SSPDF Civil Military Relation Director Michael Machar told the media during the handing over of the detainee that it was their mandate to ensure safety of civilians in the county.

He urged soldiers not to arrest civilians without any proof but protect lives and property of the civil population.

Machar added that two other Congolese nationals were also arrested in a military operation in Akepa.

“One of the persons who was brought this morning and handed to the commissioner was conscripted last year March by NAS forces and taken to Congo where their military training camp is and later he escaped and came back to Tore where he waslaterarrested by the tiger division forces in Yei army garrison. We have handed over to the county commissioner two Congolese nationals and south Sudanese who were intercepted in Akepa in a rescue military operation,” explained Machar.

Machar warned soldiers against arresting people moving at night as it was the responsibility of the joint operation team patrolling the town.

“The intension of the South Sudan Peoples Defence forces is to ensure safety of civilians and anybody who comes across any civilian are asked not to try to torture though there is allegation or accusation but it has to be proved. The role and duty of the SSPDF is to protect civilians and their properties. We are calling those moving in random at night to watch out from arresting civilians because it is only the mandate of the joint operation to patrol at night,” Michael warned.

 Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyi kwa expressed gratitude to the SSPDF for setting the detainee free.

“Iam grateful to Moses Tadiri who was National Salvation Front in Tore and decided to leave the engagements with NAS by turning himself to the army in Tore because of his good intension faith and love for his people of not wanting to inflict pain to own loved ones,he decided to come back home,” Commissioner Cyrus said.

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