In this country, if you look into the mirror, you don’t see the same picture. Everything is fake and the true information is always what has not been told. The MPs of this country have proven to be more important than our hard-working teachers and doctors and yes they are doing nothing in their offices. The president sometimes should first think before he signs whatever is presented before him. The MPs are not special enough that they should be given remunerations close to one million when the majority of our civil servants go to bed with empty stomachs. We are not saying that the money is big, it could be $2000. What we are trying to say is that civil servants deserve equal payment or even half of the aforementioned money.  There should always be transparency and equity in resource distribution. What brings civil servants down must not leave the MPs on the safer side of the river and what rises the MPs must not leave them on the dangerous side of the river. The government should stop torturing people mentally. We don’t know who blew the whistle for these people’s salaries to be increased but civil servants have blown thousands of whistles that only fell on deaf ears. What will never cease to amuse me is the fact, South Sudan, one of the countries that largely depend on handouts, can extravagantly spend its allowances any way it sees fit. Not only is parliamentarian compensation in South Sudan massive compared to that of civil servants, but it is also unregulated and subject to abuse by the lucky few. No wonder, service in the national assembly is an aspect of patronage/clientage relationships and should be rotated between ethnic groups, local regions, and religions. This is why the way out of this dungeon is very bleak.  

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