SSOW donates learning material to children in camp

Silvia Ambrose, the SSOW Care Foundation’s team leader pose for group photo with St Bakhita school children after they received their school items. (Photo by Tel Tap)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The SSOW Care Foundation, a South Sudanese based organization in Kampala has provided educational materials to refugees’ schools in Bweyale in Kiryandongo settlement. The event started last Thursday and ended on Monday.

Ms. Silvia Ambrose, the team lead of SSOW Care Foundation said during their past visit to the settlement they learned that most of the children lacked basics educational materials for their studies.

“Most of these children are orphans whose guardians cannot afford to buy for them a simple exercise book and pens,” Ms. Ambrose

She added that they had to intervene immediately since these less fortuned but talented displaced children can play a great role in building the future South Sudanese society.

“I know that those kids are extremely happy when we deliver what they lack most, but the more we meet and give them, the more they inspire and motivate us to realize the value in service we give out.” Ms. Ambrose said when asked about her feeling.

“It’s not our first time to give assistance to Bweyale refugees. We have been engaging in defusing inter communal tension by carrying out civic education in peacebuilding and other humanitarian assistant,” she added.

Mr. Kel Tap Jock, the Founder of SSOW Care Foundation said his Organization was grateful to Windle Trust International and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) for facilitating the transportation of the school materials.

He said the items were donated to them by their partners; Good Will Group of Charity International and International University of East Africa.

Mr. Tap continued that the refugees were living in despair and depressed condition for what had happened and continues to happen in some parts of South Sudan.

“If we don’t focus our attentions in rehabilitating and restoring their broken and melted hopes by providing the little we can, we will lose a useful generation,” he said.

Lado Alfred Juma, a class seven pupil said the donation shows how much the SSOW care for them.

“We are extremely excited because we received these items from our own fellow citizens unlike foreign aid,” Juma said.

Mr. Joseph, the Deputy Head teacher of Saint Bakhita Nursery and Primary school said his school was very thankful to SSOW Care Foundation team for choosing the school to be the recipient of these materials which were indeed insufficient in the settlement. “We ask God to bless them so that they keep helping the needy people,” he said.


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