SSFA, Upper Nile State agrees on revamping sports in the State

By John Agok

The President of South Sudan Football Association, Augustino Maduot together with his Deputy, Mr. Charles Udwar last week received a delegation from Upper Nile State Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports headed by Habsa Nawaila, the State Minister for Culture, Youth and Sports, accompanied by Isaac Chol, the President of Malakal Local Football Association.

 Speaking to media , the Minister said, her purpose of paying visit to newly elected SSFA president was to congratulate him for winning the elections and also to discuss issues regarding reviving the sports development in Upper Nile state.

In her statement, Habsa Nawaila congratulated SSFA President and his Deputy together with his new Board of Directors for their new assignment. She said, her Ministry soughtfor cooperation with the association in order to revive football in Upper Nile State after the conflict ravaged everything.

She revealed that they had discussed how SSFA and her Ministry would work together to renovate Malakal, Renk Stadia and also to construct a stadium in Melut.

She urged SSFA leadership to pay a visit to the state and witness the challenges they faced.

“Upper Nile State needs support, hence the state government is ready to work closely with SSFA in order to develop and bring back sport in the state”, the minister underscored.

Meanwhile, the President of SSFA, Augustino Maduot welcomed the visit and expressed the readiness of his administration to collaborate with Upper Nile State government towards reviving football in the state.

“Upper Nile State is worst affected during rainy seasons due to its soil type, making it hard for sport activities – therefore, it is SSFA and the State government priority to resolve this challenge, we have discussed how we can work together to rehabilitate stadium in Upper Nile State”, said the SSFA president.

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