SSFA signs a deal worth 13M ssp to improve sports


(Left-Right): SSFA V.P Benesio Amum, President Francis Amin, Tristar CEO, Eugene Mayne, and Tristar Country Manager, Ravneesh Aujla at SSFA Office Jebel Kujur on 31/01/2018.

(Photo by David Mono Danga)


By David Mono Danga

The national soccer body, SSFA, has clinched a deal worth thirteen million South Sudanese pounds (13M SSP, $60,000) to improve sports in South Sudan.

South Sudan Football Association yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with Tristar Company limited, to hire an international coach to manage the national team, The Bright Stars.

Speaking during a press conference at the head office in Jebel Kujur, SSFA President Francis Amin who signed the MOU on behalf of the association said the one-year deal will help SSFA finance the activities of the national team, confirming that Tristar Company will hire a foreign coach and cater for his needs, including the Salary.

“This memo is going to improve football in South Sudan since Tristar Company is going to hire an international coach and pay his salary.”

Amin said SSFA is preferably going to employ a coach from either Germany or Paraguay, saying they already have candidates in mind…”

President Amin said the deal will last for “is worth 60,000 US Dollars”, about 13, 440,000 SSP.

While, The Group C.E.O, Eugene Mayne said there are no conditions attached to the memo, saying Tristar Company is providing the service from the “heart” as part of giving back services to the community because they have been working in South Sudan for 10 years now.

The C.E.O added that he believes that the Bright Stars of South Sudan will one day be crowned champions of the world.

“I believe South Sudan will win the World Cup (someday),” Eugene Mayne said.

“All the young and talented players in this country can stand up together and we hope that they will be champions one day. Nothing brings people together like football, that’s why both parties (SSFA & Tristar Company) want to see that football grows in South Sudan.”

The C.E.O assured the media that Tristar Company shall empower the young talented football players to improve the sport in the country.

According to the MOU, SSFA, who is Party B, is supposed to print the Group’s company logo on the national Jerseys, use it in all conferences, ceremonies and all the activities of the association. This is in return for the task by Party A, Tristar Company, of paying an international Coach a salary of about 5,000 USD for one year.

Tristar Transport LLC is a fully integrated liquid logistics company headquartered in Dubai, UAE and serves the global petroleum and chemical industries. It has a diversified portfolio of services ranging from road transport, warehousing of dangerous goods and chemicals, management and operation of fuel farms, turnkey fuel operations, aviation fuel services, and ship owning and chartering for the movement of petroleum and chemical products.

Now they are in South Sudan to help improve sports activities in the country.

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