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The outgoing President of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Mr. Francis Amin Michael and his Deputy, Mr. Venasio Amum yesterday morning have officially submitted their candidacy applications to run for second term in office.

The applications were scrutinized and received by SSFA Deputy Secretary General, Joseph Archangelo Apai. The applications that the SSFA Secretary General has received so far are four – Mr. Lual Maluk Lual Mr. Peter Achuel Mr. Augustino Maduot and Mr. Francis Amin. 

Speaking shortly after the submission of their applicants at SSFA premises, Mr. Amin said that they have come to submit their applications for second term, saying they were expecting a transparent and democratic election. He promised to his fellow candidates that they shall observe transparency in order to carry out a free and fair election.

Mr. Amin also reiterated that their purpose to run for second term is to fulfill their vision for the association, he cited that the projects of SSFA in the country including constructions and renovations of Juba, Wau, Malakal stadia and upgrading of Buluk Playground which were commenced during their administration needed enough time to be executed. Hence, their second term in office is vital to see the projects implemented as planned.

“Today we have come to submit our credentials to apply for second term in the office of South Sudan Football Association, we are optimistic that the elections shall be democratic and transparent. I would also like to confirm to my fellow colleagues who apply that the election will be free and fair, I also urge them to uphold transparency.”

He claimed that he took over the office in 2021 when the association was facing a lot of challenges, however, his administration has worked tirelessly to shape it; hence there second term in office is crucial to complete the undone developments started during his regime.

The deadline for submission (30th June)of candidacy applications approaching, so far SSFA Secretary General has received four applications including applications credentials of Mr. Amin. The SSFA Secretary General has also received four applications for the post of Vice President and nine applications for positions of members of Board of Directors.

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