SSFA President urged to unite youth through sports

By David Mono Danga

The Governor of Jubek State, Augustino Jadalla Wani held an exclusive meeting with the President of South Sudan Football Association-SSFA, Francis Amin on Thursday last week to discuss the way forward for the development of football in the state, and also derive ways of uniting the youth through sports (football).

Governor Jadalla Wani urged Francis Amin to unite the youth by keeping them busy with sports activities, especially soccer.

The other main major agenda discussed in the meeting was the ways to upgrade the national stadium (Juba Stadium) to meet the international standards and the possible assistance from the world football governing body, FIFA and CAF – the Confederation of African Cup for this project.

SSFA President Amin appreciated the Governor for the advice, saying hopefully they can achieve all these goals if they work together to provide a conducive environment for football activities. Amin also sought the Governor’s help to upgrade Juba National Stadium.

President had always maintained his crave to bring peace to the country by promoting local sports, football in particular.

Amin said on his campaign agenda that football is a unifying factor that he would use to bring peace to the country by unifying the youth who are always the perpetrators of violence. He promised to promote the young talents in the country, and now Amin is advocating for the improvement of the national football stadium, the only stadium in the country.

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