SSFA president Met with Yei Local Football Officials

By Kei Emmanuel Duku

Members of Yei Local Football Association (YLA) together with the General Assembly on Sunday Met with the president of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) to discuss challenges facing the Association and way forward.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor news yesterday, the President of South Sudan Football Association Francis Amin, said his visit to Yei was to the brief the general Assembly and the association of Yei about what is happening in SSFA and the future plans particularly to resume football and the use of $10,000 COVID-19 FIFA grant.

“I brief them on what’s going on in SSFA, plans to resume football activities, how to use the $10,000 COVID-19 grants in a proper way and what we have done in the past three years” Said Amin.

Yei Local Football Association has been experiencing power vacuum for more than 2 years and during the visit Amin said it’s the responsibility of Yei Local Football Association to conduct club elections so that they can be eligible to vote for members who to fill the vacated positions within YLA.

“We have ordered clubs in Yei to organize elections within the clubs so that during the general assembly they can vote for the new president because it’s not my mandate or SSFA to do that, so after finishing then the general elections follow, Amin Added.

However, the General Secretary of Yei Local Association Mr. Moro Gabriel said Amin pledged  eighty thousand South Sudanese Pounds (80, 000 SSPs) to the Acting Commissioner for Youth and Sports Yei River County for conducting internal elections and issue certificates of eligibility for the clubs in Yei.

“Amin promised 80,000SSP, which he said will be send to the Acting Commissioner for sports Yei River County so that he carryout elections, where necessary issue certificates because previously the Acting commissioner was complaining money not paid to the his office” said Gabriel.

He stated that Yei Local Football Association is one of the oldest football governing institutions registered under Juba Local Football Association during Sudan Football Association but it continues to struggle in management, infrastructures and capacity building for referees and he further thanked the officials for working on voluntary basis. 

 He appreciated work done by same YLF official and those who continued to remain in office since 2017 because football work is voluntary same as they (SSFA) are doing in Juba

“we don’t have Vice Chairman and the Chairman John James Wani (Amra) is out of Yei but running the office on Phone,  (Amin) promised to talk to James to return to  Yei but if he refused to come back to Yei then the upcoming elections will decide on his position,” Gabriel said.

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