SSFA President meets CAF President

By David Mono Danga

The president of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Francis Amin, travelled to the headquarters of the Confederation of African football-CAF in Cairo and was received in audience on Tuesday 10th October 2017 by CAF President, M. Ahmad.

Francis Amin was at the Confederation Africaine de Football in Cairo under the invitation of the CAF President, M.Ahmad for a special occasion. He was accompanied by Venancio Amum, the Vice-President and Anthony John Lauro, the Secretary General of the Football Association

Amin, who succeeded Chabur Goc Alei mid this year – ending a protracted leadership wrangle at SSFA, took the opportunity to invite Ahmad to Juba.

SSFA is the youngest member of CAF having joined in 2012 following the country’s breakaway from the main Sudan.

Ahmad, who on his side ended Issa Hayatou’s near three decade rule in March this year, pledged to support the Juba based administration.

“Ahmad said he would provide the SSFA with the necessary support for the development of football in the country,” a statement from CAF reads.

He also acknowledged the youngness of the federation and the social situation in the country that call for “special and specific” support.

The visit followed a similar one from the Tanzania Football Federation at the CAF base in Cairo, Egypt Monday.

TFF are also under new management following the election of Wallace Karai to succeed remanded Jamal Malinzi as president in August this year.

Francis Amin, newly elected president of the South Sudan FA, the youngest member of CAF, who joined the Confederation only in 2012, after the independence of the country, seized the opportunity to invite CAF president to Juba, to assess the football activities in the young nation and support where and when necessary.

The president of the CAF said he was honoured by the invitation and pledged to support South Sudan federation with the necessary support for the development of football in the country, saying the young nation and its young football federation and the social situation of the country calls for special and specific support.

Francis Amin has made efforts to meet several counterparts in the football arena in order to help support the development of football in the country. Recently, the FA President of Sudan was in Juba on Amin’s invitation to harmonize the relationship between the two football associations, and also to improve the relationship between the Bright Stars playing in Khartoum and the FA back in Juba. Months back Amin travelled to Morocco to follow-up on agreements made between the government of Morocco and the FA regarding the development of football activities in South Sudan.


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